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Following Orcuo's statements in the last week, Anarchistiana has decided to temporarily pass a law enabling the conscription of able bodied citizens, from 18 years old to 35. Iron dome-like technologies have been installed surrounding the nation. We have been considering the use of drugs to enhance the physical ableness of soldiers and speed up their training. The army encompasses 1.25millions in this exact moment, and the number is going to rise after we invade Austria, Switzerland, and Czechia. The lack of training in the army is surely a concern, and we hope to resolve that. Attackers, fighters, and a small navy consisting of destroyers, submarines, and battleships have been built. We lack aircraft carriers due to their cost. We will not take any offensive action towards other nations for now, but we sure are concerned about Orcuoist expansionism. We trust that others such as Pastaland agree on the danger of Orcuo.


We would be willing to buy more modern weapons from other people, but specifically naval units. We won't able able to afford much as our budget is shrinking considerably, but do contact Violetta Evergarden if you're willing to sell. We also buy blueprints.

Government and Economy

Anarchistiana has sent subsidies to arms manufacturers and civilian goods factories to deal with the budget shortage. Protests against conscription have started.

December 11, 2022 1:16 PM
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December 11, 2022 1:36 PM
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